Changing display resolution

Derek Broughton derek at
Mon May 25 13:32:05 UTC 2009

Jerry Lapham wrote:

> That did work.  Thanks.  I'm writing this from Kubuntu 9.04/KDE 4.2.2. 
> Seems kind of sad that Kubuntu needs Mandriva to do their work for them.
> :-(

How?  Does it never occur to you that the reverse works too?  This is Linux 
- we're all borrowing from each other.  xorg (and xfree86 before it) have 
always had these problems.  One distro gets particular hardware to work, and 
people rave that it's the One True System.  The Debian/Ubuntu method is 
probably working for more hardware in the end - and is much simpler - but 
there are always going to be devices that have the odd problem.  So whatever 
Mandriva did worked for your hardware - problem solved.  And _exactly_ why 
you don't think the problem's getting enough attention from Kubuntu devs - 
it's got a simple workaround.

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