Help with new Palm device & J-Pilot

Art Alexion art.alexion at
Mon May 25 12:37:06 UTC 2009

I haven't used j-pilot for many years, but if I recall correctly, for
syncing, it is just a front end for the pilot-link command line

I would restore your backup via pilot-xfer (man pilot-xfer), and then
really explore the j-pilot settings before using it to sync live data.

On 5/23/09, Lance DeVooght <cyborghunter at> wrote:
> My old Palm Tungsten-E just gave up the ghost.
> So, I bought a Palm Centro to replace it (& my old phone).
> I finally got it to sync with J-Pilot after changing
> the device settings to "usb:" per some info found Googling.
> I also had to install-user from the J-Pilot menu.
> The problem is that the--empty--Centro overwrote all my data in J-Pilot.
> So, now J-Pilot shows no calender and contact info at all! OUCH!
> I believe I have backups (maybe not as recent as I'd like).
> How do I restore those backups to J-Pilot?
> Then, how do I sync so that the desktop overwrites the Palm Centro?
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