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Jerry Lapham rjlapham at gmail.com
Mon May 25 00:28:39 UTC 2009

On Sunday 24 May 2009 1:57:12 pm Martin Laberge wrote:

> On Sunday 24 May 2009 12:35:49 Willy Hamra wrote:
> > i have a seperate home partition in kubuntu. is it safe to mount this
> > partition as /home in suse as well? my username is "willy" in both
> > systems, so they will be sharing the same directory, which is what i
> > want, in order to share between the 2 systems my kmail, amsn logs and
> > settings, firefox profle, and various other settings and profiles. is
> > this safe? anyone tried it? or am i better off doing soft links for
> > just the directories i want to share and keeping suse's home seperate?
> > thanks in advance :)
> >
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> I would suggest to keep a special data filesystem
> with a little choosen directorys , that you soft link in your home
> this way you have a separate /home/myself in each system, and just
> mount your special data partition in /home/data
> then soft link the .mozilla, .amsn, Documents, ... you saved in this
> special data dir to your current home-dir of this system
> then all others systems setups will be separate by system,
> and you can share datas and/or setups from special applications.
> Hope it is not too unclear...
> (PS: My system is setup like it, between 3 to 5 bootables partitions
> with their own /home , and one "special data" partition)
> I know it invoques some manual setups, from someone who know its way
> around the command line, but it works like a charm.
> (PS of PS: dont forget to always create the same user with the same ID)

Even that can be a problem.  When I first went from Mandriva to Kubuntu, I 
found that Mandriva had me as user 500 and Kubuntu defaulted me to 1000.

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