[OT] flash for Firefox (64-bit jaunty)?

Goh Lip g.lip at gmx.com
Sun May 24 06:15:41 UTC 2009

Donn wrote:
> On Sunday, 24 May 2009 07:29:38 Goh Lip wrote:
>> BTW, when you prepare pdf's for submission to Lulu, what program did you
>> use? Any good replacement for Acrobat (not reader) in Linux? For
>> publishing, seems unavoidable to use Mac (or windows now, but not as good)?
> I published some poetry a few years ago. I used Lyx. I created the cover in 
> Inkscape and made the PDF of the cover in Scribus. I submitted the book as a 
> ps (postscript) file and let Lulu convert it. This was advised at the time.

Thanks Donn, yes, we could let lulu handle everything but it may not 
turn out the way we want it exactly. Also, we can let those publishing 
guys do it (usually on macs), charges not expensive now, check it 
ourselves before submitting.

Permit me a small frivolous rant. That is how I think Microsoft got 
Apple by the balls when they gave money to apple. Microsoft gets 
everybody by the balls. Microsoft, by being micro and soft, needs 
everybody else's balls. Now there's steve BALLmer, what more can I add?

Goh Lip

To play cricket, you need hard balls.

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