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nepal.roade at googlemail.com nepal.roade at googlemail.com
Sat May 23 13:53:54 UTC 2009

> >On this rare occasion, I'm in agreement with the decision to treat file
> >management and browsing as two distinct functions. Thus, the two apps can
> >develop along the lines of their speciality. I'm not sure why we didn't
> >get kong the browser and konq the file manager, though.
On Thu 21 May 2009 15:43:59 Donn wrote:
> Yeah -- but what about kparts? Why can't we view an HTML file in another
> tab? It's kick-ass for docs and API's and all kinds of stuff. I often have
> (well, had :( ) multiple tabs with different directories and html files
> (and images, and pdfs) open. I just can't see why such a sophisticated
> system should be done away with.

You make good points Donn about how incredibly useful Konq had become by then. 
The loss of this is exactly the reason I have decided to leave KDE for good 
and adopt at least for now the Gnome Desktop.

I have for years seen Microsoft continually bang the "next version will be so 
much better" drum and it suddenly became apparent that the KDE project had/has 
adopted the same philosophy. I too had a wonderful browser that would allow me 
to view all manner of different media. It was f***in brilliant! I loved it. I 
had the pleasure of using it for maybe about a year, in all the years of using 
computers I had one years use of something as marvellous as Konqueror had 
become. Now there were new ideas. Pah!

The so called new desktop system is just another bundle of hype. Sure it looks 
pretty and there are a couple of things about it that are real improvements in 
workability, but it is almost entirely cosmetic. I am also well aware that 
this is quite normal for our planet, form superceded function. Well not in my 
book it doesn't, so I am voting with my feet. 

(and I'm so sick of having to reconfigure KMail entirely by hand, all the 
accounts and stuff, every damn version.)

oops, sorry *rant over*


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