Konq 4 chat

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Thu May 21 21:02:16 BST 2009

Michael Hirsch said:

> List night I finally tried out KDE4.  I've been using 3.5 on jaunty
> until now.  First thing I did was make Konqueror my file browser, but it
> seems dumbed down, just like dolphin.
> First thing I see is that there are only 3 views available: icons,
> details and columns.  What happened to tree view?  list view?  Photo
> album view?  An I missing a configuration somewhere?
> Those are the same 3 views dolphin offers.  It dolphin actually running
> as a kpart in konq?  Oh dear.

I think that they are now just different wrappers around the same lib. 
Nothing wrong there, if only they hadn't thrown away so much 


"Change requires small steps."

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