How do I set my local static IP address in Kubuntu 9.04

Joel Oliver joelol75 at
Thu May 21 20:26:10 BST 2009

You can always set the static IP's with /etc/network/interfaces, but 
network manager usually freaks out as it likes to 'dynamically' handle 
the network.  The version in Kubuntu has been buggy for so long with 
setting static IP's (Might be fixed by now, something with the netmask 
being the wrong style (like or

Anyway to the point.... I prefer to get rid of network manager and 
install wicd (Even on desktops, and ALWAYS on laptops)  The amount of 
options in wicd is staggering and I especially like the scripting 
section.  It's clean, works in KDE,Gnome, Xfce... Looks better and Just 
Works® I don't understand why they don't make it the default network 
connection manager in all flavours of ?buntu.  Like you I run NFS shares 
at home and at my girlfriends house and pre Gutsy before they switched 
to gvfs you used to be able to browse all the shares and just double 
click them to mount.  Now you cant :(

Good tip is to create scripts to mount NFS shares on connect and umount 
them on disconnect.  Wicd makes this easy.

Biggest problem with going with static IP's is the need to specify your 
DNS servers.  You can either specify them in the router and point 
/etc/resolv.conf at the router or just put them right in 
/etc/resolv.conf   I recommend OpenDNS, so just add these lines to 


Hope my aimless ranting helps..


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