Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Thu May 21 18:31:33 UTC 2009

Neil Winchurst wrote:
> Neil Winchurst wrote:
>> I have my desktop computer upstairs. My wife uses her laptop downstairs
>> via my wireless router (DSL G604T). She often complains about losing the
>> signal or it all being very slow.
>> I have seen a little about devolo and I wondered if anyone on the list
>> has it in use. It looks as if it could be useful. One possible problem,
>> our downstairs power plugs and the upstairs ones are on separate
>> circuits. At least, they have separate switches on the mains box. Would
>> that cause any difficulty?
>> TIA
>> Neil
> Thanks to all the people who have replied to my original query. Between 
> you all you have succeeded in frightening me about Devolo. I have 
> decided to leave it well alone. There seem to be many possible problems, 
> even though there is some disagreement amongst you.
> My current system will have to do. If it ain't broke ......
> Thanks again to you all
> Neil Winchurst
although I promised to be at the end of the thread for me,
I am not easily giving up.

You should not give up to early, to.

Actually I get more money from fixing WLAN problems like yours.

With Devolo, there are....absolutely none. ;-)) This is the reason I 
recommend them. My devolo customers tend to be much more happy , giving 
good recommendations to others.

If you are interested, just order a kit of two units for test. And then 
see what your results are after ten minutes of work. I will not mention 
how thankful your wife will be...
Otherwise have it returned.


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