Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Thu May 21 18:24:30 UTC 2009

Billie Erin Walsh wrote:

> _ANY_ radio signal can gain benefit from a high gain directional 
> antenna. A 5.8GHz yagi could be an etched PC board. I've seen some for 2.4.

fully agreed. I just wanted to point out that the very small antenna 
shown in the picture is for 2.4 connections. For 5ghz, the antenna 
dimensions need to be changed. In regard to draft-n, such an antenna 
does not help much, since there are 3 antennas for draft-n, and the 
integrated algorithm for best performance is layed out to combine the 
signals from the inbuilt antennas.

Thanks for sharing your impressing knowledge.

I will surely not built up a wireless LAN like this, but it is good to 
know that I could, if I was less wireless-adverse.

Btw. if you want to intelligently combine WLAN with DLAN and smplify the 
somestimes overcomplicated WLAN-distribution, there is this device:

This could possibly help the OP

Kind regards and EOT for me

where 6 computers and one gaming console are connected to each other and 
to the internet via 3 Devolos, waiting happily (not) to get hacked. ;-)

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