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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu May 21 14:48:30 UTC 2009

> Sure, it works in Konqueror. My worry is that Konq is being shifted out of
> the role and Dolphin is taking over. Dolphin does not show html files.

No, Konqueror is _not_ being shifted out of the role. It has been
replaced as the default File Manager, but that is it.

> I have found Konq in KDE 4.blah to be subtly ... wrong.
> Examples:
> 1. Go into a folder, click the back button (which you have to manually place
> into a toolbar) and the position in the list you return to is lost (i.e you
> have to re-scroll/find the place you where before).

Can you please post a link to the feature request that you filed to
have this issue addressed? I've triaged already (took two seconds) and
I'd like to confirm it.

By the way, the Back button _is_ shown by default in the current Dolphin.

> 2. Drag and drop to Gwenview does not work.

Again, link to the bug that you filed! I would like to confirm this too.

> 3. The file-tooltip-previews don't show image width and height anymore.

Again, link to the bug.

> 4. Middle-click on a file does not open it in a new tab -- well not
> properly.

Link to the bug.

> 5. Middle-click on the scroll bars (in any kde app) does not jump around
> properly -- you have to right-click and choose "scroll here".

This works for me in KDE 4.2.3.

> And so on. Little things that really hurt my brain. And I just don't know if
> they will get better or even worse as Konqy gets less File-manager love.

Please, tell me all of the "little things" so that we can triage them
and fix them! You can contact me off list if you like, or even call if
you are more comfortable (972) 54-7881700 GMT+2.

Things _will_ get better, but only if you tell us what is wrong!

> I mean that Dolphin does not seem to have the same concept of saving
> profiles -- that's a real Konq bonus.

If you would like to go into detail about that, then this may be a
feature that could be added.

Dotan Cohen


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