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marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Thu May 21 14:29:26 UTC 2009

Donn said:

> On Thursday, 21 May 2009 14:57:59 Derek Broughton wrote:
>> > the ability to have files in one tab and a web-page in another --
>> Damn!  When did that happen?  I still do it (Jaunty).
> Sure, it works in Konqueror. My worry is that Konq is being shifted out
> of the role and Dolphin is taking over. Dolphin does not show html
> files.

On this rare occasion, I'm in agreement with the decision to treat file 
management and browsing as two distinct functions. Thus, the two apps can 
develop along the lines of their speciality. I'm not sure why we didn't 
get kong the browser and konq the file manager, though.

> I have found Konq in KDE 4.blah to be subtly ... wrong. Examples:
> 1. Go into a folder, click the back button (which you have to manually
> place into a toolbar) and the position in the list you return to is lost
> (i.e you have to re-scroll/find the place you where before). 2. Drag and
> drop to Gwenview does not work. 3. The file-tooltip-previews don't show
> image width and height anymore. 4. Middle-click on a file does not open
> it in a new tab -- well not properly. 5. Middle-click on the scroll bars
> (in any kde app) does not jump around properly -- you have to
> right-click and choose "scroll here".
> And so on. Little things that really hurt my brain. And I just don't
> know if they will get better or even worse as Konqy gets less
> File-manager love.

I raised a bug against dolphin - one of a few - and the dev pushed it 
upstream. So, on a hunch, I tested the problem on another file manager 
and it failed.

There seems to be a bunch of core fle management functionality that has 
been ripped out of apps - presumably konq - rewrapped, and put back, and 
these functions are being used by multiple apps. I think that this is 
where these subtle changes are emerging from.

There's nothing wrong in doing the above providing they are migrated 
properly, i.e. tested before and after, but this clearly isn't happening.

>> > and then a 'view profile' (session) to manage all the tabs.
>> I'm not quite sure what you're asking for there.
> I mean that Dolphin does not seem to have the same concept of saving
> profiles -- that's a real Konq bonus.

Yup, a royal pain in dolphin; it doesn't save the session either, which 
drives me nuts. You might want to raise a feature request on this.


"Change requires small steps."

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