**RESOLVED**Re: permission

steven vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 20 01:22:11 UTC 2009

> I would have run 'digikam' (without kdesudo) in a terminal to see the
> exact error message was (if any error popup didn't give any specifics),
> it probably would have spit out what file or folder the digikam could
> not open.
The application would not open past the opening splash screen for Digikam.
> That may be a problem area, unless things were fixed. I had many
> permission problems while using the 9.04 betas with ext4 on my /home -
> there were numerous bug reports specific to KDE and ext4, but I do not
> know if there was any resolution. I use ext4 on my /, and ext3 on my
> /home at the moment with no issues, but it's old hardware

A friend who has a similar box has used ext4 for quite a while without 
problems and advised I do the same.  It makes things a lot faster.
> .  FYI, I transferred 130gb
> > of data into my backup in 31 minutes.  It was incredible.
> I can't wait to get a couple of sata drives to see some real speed like
> that :)
It is very fast when transferring from one drive to another.  When you move 
data within the same drive, it is a bit slower.  Then transfers are from 20 to 
50gbps, which for me is still very fast.

> > I believe I will have less problems now.  For the first time, I have all
> > my partitions mounted in /home/steven.  It is great, I can open dolphin
> > in split screen and move every piece of saved data from the one open
> > application. Additionally, no data is ever really in any jeopardy due to
> > crash of application, only drive failure, and I have my data saved on two
> > new drives.

The permissions problem may very well be the mount point I chose for the /home 
partition.  I used /home/steven and should have used /home.  By using 
/home/steven I told the computer I was just a user, not  the owner, so it 
protected the owner from me.  In this case I am the owner too, but the 
computer only knows what it is told.  Anyway I am going to reinstall and make 
sure everything is perfect.  I will post if it cures the permissions problem.  
I don't want anyone to fear ext4 if it no longer has the similar problem.  You 
can tell by the speed that it is faster, and if repaired, people should feel 
safe in using it.  Later, friend.


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