New installation Jaunty constant permissions problems

steven vollom stevenvollom at
Tue May 19 15:00:34 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 19 May 2009 02:30:04 am Clay Weber wrote:
> On Monday 18 May 2009 11:25:14 pm steven vollom wrote:
> > File:///home/steven/.kde/share/config/arkrc.  I open arkrc using sudo
> > dolphin and change the permissions so that I can use the program.  The
> > permissions are not greyed out, and I am able to change them to give me
> > permission, but when I click OK, no permissions are transferred to me.  I
> > can't tell you how angry this makes me.  If we are supporting freedom,
> > why do the owners of their own computers have to fight with programmers
> > to get permission to use what is their own.  Every time I turn around I
> > am stopped from doing something I need to do by my own computer.  I love
> > Kubuntu, but I will trash my computer before I give over my freedom.
> >
> > To the people who make these decisions for me.  I hate it.  I just don't
> > dislike it, I hate it.  As much as I have loved the Kubuntu experience, I
> > hate the prison you are trying to put me in.  I will quit Kubuntu before
> > I give in. I am one of your staunchest supporters, yet I am growing to
> > HATE you for this robbery of my freedom.  You have never been there to
> > help me when I needed you, when the burglar with a gun is trying to rob
> > me.  Stay the hell out of my computer's freedom.  I had a mother and
> > father, I don't want a replacement.  I have never worked for someone
> > else, and I don't want a boss.  I have defended myself from all attackers
> > for my entire life.  It is always some gutless guy in the background who
> > tries to take power over you, someond who would cut and run if any real
> > danger came his way.  The best creation you have made to date is a pile
> > of crap, if I have to use it the way you want me to use it.
> >
> > Create a code that when entered takes your ability to control, guide,
> > inhibit the use of my computer and you will keep me.  As good a salesman
> > as I can be for you, I will passionately be against you, if you don't
> > stop this nonsence.
> >
> > I thought Linux people loved freedom.  What a line of  You are
> > just Nazis in sheep clothing when you steal the freedom of the people who
> > support you.  What does a person have to do to get away from the tyrants
> > of this world.
> >
> > If someone who knows the way around this tyranny can explain how I get
> > around the prison they want me in, please help me.  There must be someone
> > out there with the knowledge to help that hates this intrusion on their
> > own freedom.  It takes a lot to make me angry, but I am willing to die
> > for my freedom.  That is how serious I am about this crap.  I am sorry
> > but no other word that I will use fits.
> >
> > Steven
> One  word here: ext4.
> There are known issues with this filesystem that I believe have not been
> fixed yet. Data loss on config files  might be the culprit here, I had seen
> this permissions problem as well as freezes and hangs due to this, back in
> the betas.
> Stick with the defaults when installing, and please don't think the world
> is against you when  you do something perhaps without some simple
> investigations
> Searching for 'ubuntu ext4' and 'kubuntu ext4' turn up not only other
> people's questions, but also the data loss issue, for example.
> Now, with the rest of your comments, I have one more word for you:
> plonk
> --
> Clay Weber
Dear Clay,

Your response is kind.  Nonetheless, I think I have been privately advised of 
the problem, and it's solution.  Perhaps it's posting will get more ears, 
providing it is correct. because of my above stupid comments.  Additionally, I 
am not sure that the ext4 should be a victim to this mistake, so I want to 
talk about the solution.  People smarter than me can consider the below 
information and not harbor an additional potential negative with ext4.
I mounted my home partition as /home/steven.  I believe I should have mounted 
it as /home, without my user position included.

This is what I was advised privately:

The home partition should be mounted under /home and not /home/steven.

This is the linux method  and approach for multi users where the linux system 
first create a directory called /home and then create the users with all the 
right permissions under that. In your case user steven. This sets up user 
with read and write privileges on his own data and the data can be changed as 
the user requires, but the overall system is protected. 

So mounting the home partition under /home with user steven will automatically 
put you in the users stevens home directory when you log in and where you have 
full privileges.

It basically creates multiple user home directories under the main /home 
directory. On a single user system it will just have one user with its own 

All the other drives except swap and root should be mounted with 

Then you will have a place where all your user files and other drives show up.

Use sudo or kdesudo dolphin just to change permissions on the extra mounted 
drives/partitions  and nothing else.
This is far better advice than I could give, and is probably the correct 
solution.  My friend who supplied it prefers anonymity, yet is very computer 

I include all of this because if it is the solution, ext4 should not get any 
responsibility for the problem.  

It is going to be tough for a few days re-reading my childish behavior, but I 
deserve it.  Thanks for your kind help, despite it.


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