New installation Jaunty constant permissions problems

steven vollom stevenvollom at
Tue May 19 14:42:26 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 19 May 2009 01:55:45 am Goh Lip wrote:
> steven vollom wrote:
> > File:///home/steven/.kde/share/config/arkrc.  I open arkrc using sudo
> > dolphin and change the permissions so that I can use the program.  The
> > permissions are not greyed out, and I am able to change them to give me
> > permission, but when I click OK, no permissions are transferred to me.  I
> > can't tell you how angry this makes me.  If we are supporting freedom,
> > why do the owners of their own computers have to fight with programmers
> > to get permission to use what is their own.  Every time I turn around I
> > am stopped from doing something I need to do by my own computer.  I love
> > Kubuntu, but I will trash my computer before I give over my freedom.
> >
> > To the people who make these decisions for me.  I hate it.  I just don't
> > dislike it, I hate it.  As much as I have loved the Kubuntu experience, I
> > hate the prison you are trying to put me in.  I will quit Kubuntu before
> > I give in. I am one of your staunchest supporters, yet I am growing to
> > HATE you for this robbery of my freedom.  You have never been there to
> > help me when I needed you, when the burglar with a gun is trying to rob
> > me.  Stay the hell out of my computer's freedom.  I had a mother and
> > father, I don't want a replacement.  I have never worked for someone
> > else, and I don't want a boss.  I have defended myself from all attackers
> > for my entire life.  It is always some gutless guy in the background who
> > tries to take power over you, someond who would cut and run if any real
> > danger came his way.  The best creation you have made to date is a pile
> > of crap, if I have to use it the way you want me to use it.
> >
> > Create a code that when entered takes your ability to control, guide,
> > inhibit the use of my computer and you will keep me.  As good a salesman
> > as I can be for you, I will passionately be against you, if you don't
> > stop this nonsence.
> >
> > I thought Linux people loved freedom.  What a line of  You are
> > just Nazis in sheep clothing when you steal the freedom of the people who
> > support you.  What does a person have to do to get away from the tyrants
> > of this world.
> >
> > If someone who knows the way around this tyranny can explain how I get
> > around the prison they want me in, please help me.  There must be someone
> > out there with the knowledge to help that hates this intrusion on their
> > own freedom.  It takes a lot to make me angry, but I am willing to die
> > for my freedom.  That is how serious I am about this crap.  I am sorry
> > but no other word that I will use fits.
> >
> > Steven
> Steven,
> First, chill, cool down, relax. (If still angry, walk away, take a
> break, have a Kit Kat)
> One, for an old guy,(by my standard anyway, and I am not young), you are
> a hot tempered, irrational, paranoid, ungrateful, stupid and screwed-up.
> You are acting like some puerile, infantile kid who can't have his
> desserts. Start acting your age. Your age does not give you a licence to
> rant, shout and trash about. In fact, you should be more mellow,
> considered and sharper, except with bad memory. Behavior like this
> should not be allowed after the age of 14 years.
> Two, all of us here are trying very hard to help you. You had asked some
> things to do and we tell you. You are obviously not up to where they are
> in their proficiencies, (and of course, many of us feel that way when
> others are talking about things we know little about, each of us have
> some things others know little about too, that's the whole point of this
> list). You are no lesser and no greater.
> Three, if you think you cannot handle what these guys are telling you,
> don't. Simple as that. We are trying to help you and you should
> appreciate that, whether or not you can. Even if we give you bad advice,
> are we giving them with bad intentions?
> Four, I am writing to you this way because I respect you and everyone. I
> certainly do not want myself to be treated condescendingly just because
> I am old. I hope you do not think yourself senile.
> Five, as to your permissions problem, I would not want to advise you now
> as I am not sure how you got yourself into this mess. I have said many
> times that it is easier for you to follow the standard way to install
> first.
> Six, you owe all of us an apology, even those of us who gave you bad
> instructions, or none, because they dare not or could not.
> No regards,
> Goh Lip
Thank you Goh Lip; I needed that.  I keep my temper in check most of the time.  
But I think I do have a short fuse, sometimes.  it is just that usually I am 
able to control it.  I really believe I am the weak person you described, but 
I am doing my best not to show it.  There are no excuses at my age.  All I can 
say is that I will continue to try to change.  I sure hope it is not senility 
setting in.  I have enough problems.  By the way, I already apologized to the 
list prior to reading this, another kind friend on the List made comment 
privately, so I can't even take credit for better behavior, although I did 
realize it as a mistake as I was clicking 'send' on the foolish rant.

Your criticism is gratefully accepted.


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