New installation Jaunty constant permissions problems

Nils Kassube kassube at
Tue May 19 07:59:10 BST 2009

steven vollom wrote:
> File:///home/steven/.kde/share/config/arkrc.  I open arkrc using sudo
> dolphin and change the permissions so that I can use the program. 

Never use "sudo dolphin", use "kdesudo dolphin" instead. This is a 
graphical application and it isn't meant to be started with sudo. With 
sudo you will have the same permissions problems again and again because 
these graphical applications will change the permissions of your config 
files instead of the config files of root. I suppose you have run 
dolphin with sudo before and that program called ark as root which 
changed the permissions of arkrc. Using kdesudo prevents these 
permissions problems.

> If we
> are supporting freedom, why do the owners of their own computers have
> to fight with programmers to get permission to use what is their own.
>  Every time I turn around I am stopped from doing something I need to
> do by my own computer.  I love Kubuntu, but I will trash my computer
> before I give over my freedom.

Kubuntu is a multi user / multi tasking operating system and for that 
reason there are access restrictions for individual users. There are no 
programmers fighting you but it is your lack of understanding the way 
these permissions work. It is your freedom to run Kubuntu, but if you 
do, you have to live with these restrictions. If you want a system 
without the restrictions, you are free to choose such a system, e.g. 

However if you want to stay with Kubuntu (which I suppose is your 
intention), you should learn how to avoid your permissions problems. 
Like I wrote above, don't use sudo for graphical applications but use 
kdesudo instead.

If you want to change all your config files and all the other stuff in 
your home directory to be owned by you again, you can run the command

sudo chown -R $USER: $HOME

in a terminal. And write it down, you will most likely need the command 


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