KDE 4 simply broken

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Thu May 14 19:40:02 UTC 2009

marc wrote:

> FYI, there's an interesting thread ongoing in debian.users.kde.
> Here's the guy's list of issues:
>   http://dgwiki.dingogully.com.au/Jedd/Excogitations/IT/KDE_4

I'd say that the subject line is misleading - if KDE4 was "simply" broken, 
it would have been fixed already :-)  Unfortunately most of the breakage is 

That said, I agree with most of his points, except: 
#1 - Akonadi doesn't appear at all broken to me; 
#12 - Konqueror does work as it should with a middle click; 
#14 - which it it took me some time to find. That is NOT the default, even 
though I've always used tree view myself (and since he has no explanation, 
work-around _or_ fix for this one, I suspect it isn't really valid, anyway); 
#17 - not only does it work, I had never tried it before, so I've learned 
something new.
#22 - works (and iirc it was NOT a default under kde3 - I had to mess with 
the config to get that to work)

And then of course there are all the things he says are broken that I would 
never use anyway...

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