CPU temp

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Tue May 19 12:16:17 UTC 2009

Thomas K Gamble wrote:
> On Saturday 16 May 2009 10:52:43 am Pastor JW wrote:
>> On Saturday 16 May 2009 2:41:19 am marc wrote:
>>> Cary Bielenberg said:
>>>> marc wrote:
>>>>> Pastor JW said:
>>>>>> I've had something strange happening the past couple of days.  My CPU
>>>>>> temp normally runs at 46-49 C but a couple days ago the fan went on
>>>>>> full and the temp went to 84 C which I think is not good, and did not
>>>>>> come back down. Running top shows python taking 100% of CPU.  Looking
>>>>>> at the logs does not seem to say any error, or at least I can't spot
>>>>>> any.  I don't know what called python or what was running any
>>>>>> differently than usual.  Running 8.04 KDE 3.5.10 T5450 Intel Core 2
>>>>>> Duo, 4 Gig memory. Anyone have any idea about what is causing this?
>>>>> No, but I experience the same thing with kwin. No idea what it is.
>>>> I have the same problem I have rectified by selecting aggressive power
>>>> saving mode. My xorg & plasma are consuming almost 100% cpu.
>>> Just an FYI for anyone reading this:
>>> For light use, especially on a laptop even on mains power, I usually
>>> switch to the 'Powersave' power governor. It's easy to switch governors
>>> now via:
>>>   <alt>+f2
>>>   power govenor
>>> then select from the list.
>>> If you want to explore this area a little, try installing the
>>> cpufrequtils package (it's tiny) and do:
>>>   $ cpufreq-info
>>> There's an interesting read about Linux power management here:
>>>   http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/power-management-guide.xml
>> It has always been easy in Kubuntu to change the CPU frequency by just
>> right clicking the battery icon and setting the CPU policy but that is not
>> the problem at all.  The problem is a program all of a sudden taking 100 %
>> of the CPU and not letting go.  Dropping to "powersave" did not stop the
>> problem although it did get the temperature of the CPU down to 79C.  To
>> stop it required a reboot, then the temp came back down to the normal after
>> a minute or so.  However, for no apparent reason, about two hours later it
>> all happened again.  Again, according to top, it is python taking 100 % of
>> CPU. and again the only way to stop it is to reboot.  The logs do not tell
>> me what is going on.  Or at least I find no mention of python.  This is not
>> normal for this machine and only started a few days ago.  Like I said, it's
>> normal CPU temp is about 46-49 and has been for several months.
> You might be able to tell what python script it is by doing "ps -elf" in a 
> konsole window.  You may have to stretch your konsole window to read the 
> whole line since it truncates rather than wraps.  Then just "kill -9 <pid>".

I have had this (at least similar) problem when running KGet for 
downloading something, strangely enough often when the app is supposed 
to do nothing (no download in other words). If you have KGet running 
kill it and see if the temp drops

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