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Tue May 19 11:36:38 UTC 2009

Sascha G├╝thling wrote:

> You confuse Suspend to RAM with Suspend to Disk. I guess you see the
> difference already. Suspend to Ram shuts down the system but keeps the
> RAM powered so you don't loose it. Suspend to Disk saves the content
> of the RAM to the HDD (here to the swap area) and shuts the computer
> down completely. That's why you need that much swap to be able to do
> that. When waking up the content is read back into RAM and the system
> looks like when you left it.
> snip

> Cheers
> Sascha

Hi Sascha,
Looks like the Suspend to RAM and Suspend to Disk is incorporated into 
the KDE4.3 Beta(KDE 4.2.85). Good thing I had enough disk space for Swap.

Goh Lip

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