Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Tue May 19 10:43:20 UTC 2009

Neil Winchurst wrote:
> I have my desktop computer upstairs. My wife uses her laptop downstairs
> via my wireless router (DSL G604T). She often complains about losing the
> signal or it all being very slow.
> I have seen a little about devolo and I wondered if anyone on the list
> has it in use. It looks as if it could be useful. One possible problem,
> our downstairs power plugs and the upstairs ones are on separate
> circuits. At least, they have separate switches on the mains box. Would
> that cause any difficulty?
> Neil
Yes, I use them all the time, mostly for customers that want to stop 
wireless, either for performance or for radiation reasons. At the same 
time they do not want to invest into Ethernet cabling.

Works wonderfully. Separate Switches on the mains box are, normally not 
a problem.
Generally the mains box over here most often is what the devolos need to 
have in common.

Should they not be able to make the contact (I had this only once within 
a large school building installation with about 70 devolos), you can 
always have "phase-couplers" installed. With those, the devolos can 
connect to each other, although they reside somewhere on 3 different 
phases. Over here in Germany this clearly is a job for a qualified 
electrician, although it is not very difficult to do.

Nowadays I would solely install the 200Mbit devices. They perform 
roughly like fast-Ethernet, when only two devolos are in use. Remember, 
dLan, just as wireless, is a shared network where the available 
bandwidth is evenly shared between all the connecting clients.

Have some fun with your network. IMHO it cannot be much easier.


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