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David Fletcher dave at
Sun May 17 14:47:48 BST 2009

On Sunday 17 May 2009, Clay Weber wrote:
> Bittorrent downloading can be a cesspool, depending on  where you get your 
> torrents from. Linux iso torrents are usually fast because the users care 
> about sharing. many other places the users (as the downloads are mostly 
> illegal) don't care about sharing and seeding. But other than helping make 
> sure your router is set up for allowing bittorrent to run correctly, any 
> further assistance would probably be against the Ubuntu Code of  Conduct, 
> not appropriate in  this mailing list

I've never had good luck with torrents. When I need to download a distribution 
CD, the Kubuntu stuff is all mirrored by my ISP Virgin Media. At the present 
my connection is 2Mb/sec (supposed to be going up to 10) and I consistently 
get 250kB/sec downloads, which I think is my full connection speed. At this 
rate it doesn't take long to download a CD, which suits me fine.



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