Internet Connection Issues

J. Michael Morse mmorse757 at
Mon May 18 02:27:33 UTC 2009

First, I had to send this email from the web interface so I apologize
 if it comes across in HTML.

 In the process of trying to copy a directory from my friend's laptop,
 I was mucking with my Samba (smb.conf) file.  I was finally able to
 connect to his laptop and copy the files.  Now, a couple hours later,
 and I try to connect to the internet I am unable to do so.  Firefox
 does not connect, nor does Thunderbird (which is why I am sending this
 via the web mail instead of TB.)
 Strange, Konqueror will still connect to the internet.  And Konqueror
 doesn't like Gmail's website at all.

 I am not sure if the inability to connect is coincidence or is
 directly related to fiddling with the smb.conf.  I can't see how the
 two would be related, but that is the only part of the system I have
 been fiddling with lately.

 Any idea why Konqueror and connect but not FF & TB?  I am using Linux
 Mint (basically, ubuntu 8.04) and KDE 3.5.10 if that information


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