KMail 1.11.2 problems

John L Vifian jongleur at
Sun May 17 20:55:44 UTC 2009

On Sunday 17 May 2009 8:57:16 am Michael Satterwhite wrote:
> The second - I have no way to classify an item as spam. I had assumed that
> it was because the "Filter - classify as spam" button was too far down on
> the list to be visible - so I moved it up above the Move to Trash button on
> the Configure toolbars screen. It still doesn't display. I need to find
> some way to get the "Classify as Spam" and "Classify as Not Spam" buttons
> to be accessible.

OK, if I am understanding correctly you have more icons in your toolbar than 
you can see at one time.  Can you see all of your icons if you make them the 
smallest size and eliminate the text descriptions?  Right click on the toolbar 
and choose Icon Size and Text Position respectively.

If you have added the Filter Classify as (Not) Spam buttons to the toolbar in 
the Configure toolbars dialog, the bad news is that these do not appear to work 
at all.  :(

The Spam buttons also do not appear to be repositionable, they always appear 
at or very near the end/bottom of the toolbar depending on the toolbar 

Do the filters show up in the Menu: Message->Apply Filter?

John Vifian
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