Insufficient permissions to save or print

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Sun May 17 16:49:40 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> I just ran the following commands, then edited them so that they lined up, and 
> wanted to print, as well as, save them.  I was refused with the 'Subject:' 
> statement:
> steven at Yeshua:~$ df -Th
> steven at Yeshua:~$ sudo fdisk -l
> steven at Yeshua:~$ mount

Hi Steven,
could you please explain what it is that you want to achieve?

And what you wanted to do with those commands?

And what exactly was the output of each command, when you issued those 
three commands, one at a time, followed by pressing "return"?

On a side note, just guessing from the subject of your mail:

You do not want to reinvigorate the seemingly endless permission 
discussions of yesteryear, do you? ;-)). If this is a similar issue, 
please have a loooooong look at the list archives. You are wellcome to 
ask anything that you might not understand, when reading there.

> This is quite frustrating, because it took quite a while to get items under 
> their proper heading, etc.


> I copied them to a Word document.  Is there a way for me to give 
> myself the appropriate permissions without having to do all the editing over 
> again?  Thanks!
Sure, if you would like to clarify.

Kind regards

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