KMail 1.11.2 problems

John L Vifian jongleur at
Sun May 17 16:30:35 UTC 2009

On Sunday 17 May 2009 8:57:16 am Michael Satterwhite wrote:
> Two things really impact usability. First - that "Favorite Folders" list at
> the top is just wasted space. I know and can easily access the folders I'm
> interested in. I'd like to get rid of that.

Settings->Configure Kmail->Appearance->Layout -> Uncheck Show Favorite Folder 

> The second - I have no way to classify an item as spam. I had assumed that
> it was because the "Filter - classify as spam" button was too far down on
> the list to be visible - so I moved it up above the Move to Trash button on
> the Configure toolbars screen. It still doesn't display. I need to find
> some way to get the "Classify as Spam" and "Classify as Not Spam" buttons
> to be

go to Settings-> Configure Filters and choose the advanced tab.  In the list of 
available filters choose "Classify As Spam" and make sure that the following 
boxes are checked:  "If this filter matches stop processing here", "Add this 
filter to the Apply Filer Menu" and "Additionally add this filter to the 

Repeat this for the "Classify As Not Spam" Filter

If the filters don't exist then maybe run the Tools->Anti Spam Wizard

hope this helps,

John L Vifian
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