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Fri May 15 20:51:48 BST 2009

James Tappin said:

> On Fri, 15 May 2009 15:08:39 +0000 (UTC) marc <gmane at> wrote:
> M> Just wondered if anyone had tried the new kid on the block, Chakra,
> M> Arch  Linux with KDE (supporting KDE3 and KDE4). M>
> M>
> M>
> OT: But -
> Chakra is KDE4 based (the same team do do KDE3.5 packages for Arch). It
> also adds a graphical installer (which is a bit lumpy right now, but
> that's to be expected of an Alpha), and possibly one of the nicest
> package managers in the game (shaman -- it seems to combine the best of
> synaptic and adept (KDE3).
> I don't have an installation right now, so I don't know what the current
> state is.

Yup, mildly OT, but interesting given the current move to kde4, I think.

I gave the live cd a spin and it loaded on machines that jaunty fails on. 
It's fast, which seems to be due to being compiled for 686 + extensions. 
It also ran my video cards without problems; something that I have a bug 
outstanding for, so I'll bring the .conf into kubuntu to see what happens.

I like the package manger too. Aptitude and synaptic are big pluses for 
debian-based systems, but this seems to match them.

It reminded me of when I first loaded badger and everything worked!


"Big change requires small steps."

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