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Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Fri May 15 13:53:24 BST 2009

David McGlone wrote:
> On Thursday 14 May 2009 11:43:35 pm Paul Lemmons wrote:
>> What tools do folks use for web/php development? I have been using
>> Quanta and am not unhappy with it but visible development seems to have,
>> I hope temporarily,  stalled. A quick google search did not show
>> anything else that was promising. Just curious, what, besides Quanta is
>> out there and is anybody actively using it?
> I use Kdevelop.
> Blessings,
> David M.
> http://www.dmcentral.net
I've seen Kdevelop mentioned before. But when I look at it I see:


KDevelop is an easy to use integrated development environment for KDE.
It supports a wide range of programming languages and features project
management, an advanced editor, a class browser and an integrated debugger.


It looks to me more like it's a development package meant more for 
programmers. [ okay, okay, - I realize that html is a programming 
language in it's own way ] Something more for C or one of the others.

I haven't tried it for that reason.

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