Random freezes in Kubuntu

Eric Marquez eamner at yahoo.com
Fri May 15 13:13:39 UTC 2009

Hello. I'm here again...
 I tried Steven's suggestion placing the "pci=nomsi" option in the grub. Didn't work. At first I was excited because the first night nothing happened, but the next day, it was freezing again.
 I'll try to reformat my computer this weekend to change the filesystem to ext4... nothing to loose. Otherwise I'm afraid I'll just have to wait until I can buy a new computer.
 I wish at least there was some kind of log that would point me to the cause of the problem.


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2009/5/11 Eric Marquez <eamner at yahoo.com>:
> @Steven:
> Thanks for your answer. And thanks for the tip, I'll try it. Where exactly
> should I place that line (pci=nomsi )? do you mean in the Grub menu?
> @Ric:
> ?Thanks for your answer... your approach is interesting but, if the problem
> should be Power Supply, why doesn't it happen in Windows (remember I have a
> dual boot), and why didn't it happen when I had kde3?
> @Lamanary Ramos de Pina:
> ?Lamanary: thanks for the link. It's very interesting and it's the first
> time I see this problem categorized as Bug. All the descriptions of the
> problem are not exactly as mine, so I'm not sure that's exactly my case, but
> anyway I'll subscribe to that bug and try to participate. I'll do anything
> to solve this problem.

from my experience with computers, though you said windows and KDE3
were fine, is that such freezes occur with hardware problems
concerning hard disk drives and CD drives.
my computer for instance, freezes completely if i insert a damage or
scratched CD, nothing, even ther mouse stops moving until i click
since i do a lot of maintenance for people, i attack foreign hard
disks a lot to my system, sometime SATA sometime the old PATA, in both
cases, a hard disk with some bad sectors, connector probrlms orany
kind of misbehaving, generaly stuff that lets the HD take a long time
to respond (if it ever responded) freezes the whole system till the
response is given, and in many times, to save my system (i know it's
very unrecommended)  i just resort to unplugging the hard disk from
the board connectors to be able to get my system back and shut it down
your problem could be totally unrelated to this kind of hardware
issues, but for a start to diagnose, are you using the same hard disk,
same partition as when you were using KDE3?
hope this helps

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