Jaunty - can I disable xinerama?

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Thu May 14 13:29:54 UTC 2009

Mark Greenwood wrote:

>> Are you trying to tell me that your eee, unlike every one I've ever seen,
>> doesn't have a display in its lid?
> Yes :)
> I refer the honourable gentleman to my original post:
>>>On my Asus eee box
> This is an Eee Box - a desktop PC. 

Sorry, but I'd never heard "box" used to differentiate a desktop PC from a 
laptop (or smaller) but I _had_ gone to ASUS' site to try to find out if 
they had such a product, and I couldn't find _anything_ that actually told 
me what the EEE product line actually consisted of.  Sometimes even mostly-
clueful vendors just don't get it...  

> It doesn't have a lid :)

OK, well that's obviously news to me, but it does make your situation 

> I wonder if the internal hardware is the same as the laptop version and
> that's what's confusing X? Funny though how it worked under Intrepid. It's
> only since the upgrade to Jaunty that this has started happening.

Could be, I've no idea.  If that's right though, it's not _that_ odd.  I 
couldn't get dual monitors to work at all under Intrepid (not on an eee of 
any kind, mind you), and have it mostly working in Jaunty (I need to issue 
an "xrandr" command every time the desktop starts up, but everything else 
works), so clearly some things have changed regarding the handling of 
multiple monitors.

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