Goh Lip g.lip at
Thu May 14 06:01:18 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> Dear Goh Lip
> (trim)
>> What do now finally decide to do can be done automatically by the Jaunty
>> installer. You just need to instruct the installer to create a new home
>> partition. It will automatically create a swap partition, and anything
>> else, based on your computer specs.
> I have decided I want to have suspend to disk ability.  That requires swap 
> equal to my RAM, doesn't it.  Will that automatically happen too?
> (trim)

Steven, I am not clear about suspend to disk requirements, I had always 
thought it uses the RAM memory rather than the hard disk. Also when 
RAM's  are 4 GB or more, the accepted opinion is that 2GB of swap memory 
may not even be necessary. But they are not talking about suspend to 
disk. If I were you, (and I am not you), having lots of RAM and hard 
disks, I would allocate 12 GB to swap.

>> I certainly don't consider myself an expert. There are many things on
>> this post that I am not a bit familiar with. But I do have some
>> experience or have gone through something that other people is asking.
>> And if I can contribute, I will try. It is because I have also learnt a
>> lot from this post myself. I only hope I don't give out advise like the
>> passersby in Aesop's tale.
> I think it's OK to be kind to animals, smile.

Yes, I am also very kind to animals. (i rescue stray dogs)

>>> I may have changed a bit since yesterday, but my new HDD comes tomorrow
>>> morning. So here is what my current plan is.
> (trim)
> Being the rock solid decision maker that I am, I plan to have a 30gb boot 
> drive, 8.5gb of swap and the balance of the TB as /home.  I wonder what I will 
> actually do, tomorrow?

Heh, heh.

> The one thing I am certain of is this:  I will have a properly configured and 
> backed up computer for the first time in over 20 years.  I can just hear my 
> computer say "whew!"  That means, "it's about time".

Good, there's lots more to learn.
> I am so excited, I can hardly wait.  Additionally, I am going to try to get a 
> copy of Jaunty that contains KDE 4.2.3.  I read that is possible.  If so, I 
> will install that.  Talk to you later my friend.
> Steven

All the best,
Goh Lip

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