Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Wed May 13 23:19:52 UTC 2009

> >
> > If they're _partitions_, yes, but if they're separate disks, no.  Then
> > the disk wait time becomes basically the speed of the slower disk.

If I do it, it will be SATA to SATA.
> >
> > There are also a couple of different attempts to implement an "offline
> > filesystem" via FUSE.  

This sounds interesting, but I would have to understand it better before I 
would put my data somewhere that isn't mine.

> I'm wondering if a simpler solution like cron + rsync would do the trick
> for Steven. 

I have been doing a little reading, and it seems there is a new application 
for Cron called Vixie Cron that just adds the changed part of files, if they 
have changed.

> The backup wouldn't be instantaneous but it could be set to
> update the backup like every couple of hours

My thought is not important, I was just thinking of a way that would keep me 
from screwing up.  Actually if the computer backed up while I am sleeping, 
that would be perfect, especially if it only adds new un-backed-up data.  
Probably have to add that one to the dictionary.

Thanks everyone reading and helping.  I am getting very excited again.  If 
this works like it think it will, I will be appropriately configured and 
backed-up for the first time in about 20 years.  Wonders will never cease.  I 
can't believe I could become part of the sane and sensible part of the 
community.  What a great bunch you all are.


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