Ignazio Palmisano ignazio_io at
Wed May 13 21:19:38 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> (trim)
>> 30GB would certainly be enough. Look at your current installed system
>> for a reference. In a terminal type the command
>> sudo du -sh /var /usr
> steven at Yeshua:~$ sudo du -sh /var /usr
> [sudo] password for steven:
> 942M    /var
> 3.2G    /usr
> steven at Yeshua:~$
>> and you can see the majority of what is used by the OS now.
> On my current HDD, I have 52gb of unaccounted disk space.  That can't be 
> normal.  When I add up all the space allocated for partitions it amounts to 
> 448gb of a 500gb drive.

The 500GB is probably measured "industry-style", i.e., 500 billion bytes 
(5 x 10^11 bytes - hope I got the numbers right). Considering that the 
real factor is 1024 instead of 1000, 500 gb declared = 476 gb real (plus 
some change). That's not too different from the 448 you report.

> Since I want to be able to suspend to disk, I plan to have an 8gb swap, but 
> that is what I did when I set up my current HDD, and it only allocated 7.5gb 
> to swap.  Should I add an additional .5gb to satisfy this shortage?
> Steven

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