Derek Broughton derek at
Wed May 13 18:11:13 UTC 2009

Ignazio Palmisano wrote:

> I'm wondering if a simpler solution like cron + rsync would do the trick
> for Steven.

I imagine.  I was just off into my own world of wishes :-)

> The backup wouldn't be instantaneous but it could be set to
> update the backup like every couple of hours; I'm finding rsync very
> quick for updating only the changes to files, and it can be used locally
> or over the network.
> Now the problem is that I know nothing about using cron...

Nothing to it.  Use kcron and it takes any difficulty out of the task.  I'd 
create a bash script that does what you have already done in a terminal, and 
I'd also invoke that script from /etc/network/if-up.d/ - then you get 
synchronization every time your network comes up _and_ whenever cron runs 
the script.

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