Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed May 13 05:51:35 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> This may be impossible, but can a person have data saved to the /home
> partition and the backup partition simultaneously?  That would keep
> my backup current all the time.  

I don't think there are many programs that can save data at two 
different places simultaneously. A backup is usually done independently 
at regular intervals e.g. once a day during the night hours.

> Would doing that slow the computer
> down?  

Usually yes. Saving something to disk means waiting for the disk to 
complete the operation (unless you are saving only tiny bits of data). 
Saving to two places means waiting twice. Actually it may take less than 
double the time but you would notice a difference.

> Since I have 8gb of RAM, won't that make the duplicated task
> manageable?

It is not a question of RAM size but waiting for the disk.

I would suggest you first setup the new system with all 3 disks in place 
and we'll talk about your backup policy when the rest is operational.

> Would 30gb be enough for a healthy OS plus all ancillary applications
> or 40gb or 50gb?

30GB would certainly be enough. Look at your current installed system 
for a reference. In a terminal type the command

sudo du -sh /var /usr

and you can see the majority of what is used by the OS now.


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