Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Tue May 12 04:21:40 BST 2009

> Jaunty has no limitations on installing in primary or extended logicals,
> and allows you to set up /boot, /home, /almost_anything in a separate
> partition, primary or extended.

I believe I understand now.  What I plan, at this moment, subject to change 
until the last moment, is to use the new 1TB SATA with a boot/OS partition, a 
swap partition and a /home partition.  Once data is copied to the new drive, I 
will format/back-up, and exclusively use my 500gb SATA for Back-up.  Then I 
will install a 200gb IDE 133 that I have and create virtual machines, to 
install and learn the use of other Linux OS's; I will also  install in Virtual 
a separate Jaunty current for the experimentation I always seem to get myself 

The only part I am not completely confident in doing is to set up the OS and 
applications so that when data is saved it always automatically goes to the 
storage partitions.  I don't want the boot partition to contain any important 
savable data that can be placed on drives that are not subject to application 
crashes and loss of data.  I don't mind if doing this causes a little more 
work to set up the configuration, as long as it doesn't slow the machine, or 
open a new kettle of worms that I don't anticipate.  If I understand 
correctly, this is a simple setup and perhaps the fastest too.

As always, I am so grateful for the care and concern you have provided me.  
Perhaps I will finally have a system that will function, more or less, as it 
was intended by those who created the applications, as well as, cause a little 
less burden on the List.

May I ask this?  I have never actually lost data due to a broken HDD.  Are 
there any built-in warning mechanisms within HDD's that let you know when they 
are about worn out?  Do they fail, or break, without warning?  How much of a 
concern should that be?  In 20+ years, I have never had one break.  I have 
always just replaced them with bigger drives.  I can never be really sure, but 
I think this may be the last expansion I will ever need for data, so wearing 
out the drives or actual physical failure are what I am facing now.  Even that 
may be a bit oxymoronic, I am 66 years old.  

Most cordially,


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