Derek Broughton derek at
Tue May 12 16:51:27 UTC 2009

Nils Kassube wrote:
> You never know before if it will fail. Some disks show errors before
> failure but it isn't necessarily so. Therefore it is always good to have
> backups.
>> How much of a concern should that be?  In 20+ years, I have
>> never had one break.  I have always just replaced them with bigger
>> drives.
> Same here, more or less. In ~20 years I had just one disk with problems.
> It was from a known to be bad series of Fujitsu disks.

I'd guess you either keep machines for a shorter time than I do, or neither 
of you use laptops (or at least don't travel with them daily, often on a 
motorcycle).  I also have only had one failure I can remember in a desktop 
machine (that was my very first XT, and it was probably more than 6 years 
old at the time), but I don't get three years out of a laptop drive.  My 
last 2.5" HP/SeaGate managed about 14 months before dieing completely - 
can't even spin it up any more.

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