Jaunty: How to install a USB printer?

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Tue May 12 13:19:55 UTC 2009

Willy Hamra said:

> 2009/5/9 Ric Moore <wayward4now at gmail.com>:
>> On Fri, 2009-05-08 at 08:15 +0000, marc wrote:
>>> Ric Moore said:
>>> > But this may shed some light... When I worked at RedHat, I could
>>> > never get my Ex's printer to work. Darn embarrassing to be on the
>>> > Help Desk fixing everyone elses printers. We had one whizbang that
>>> > fired up emacs, had ten terminals with code pouring down the screens
>>> > like the matrix. Impressed me! Then he started narrowing down the
>>> > problem to samba not being configured correctly. I'm going she
>>> > doesn't NEED Samba and I ripped it out. The printer worked right
>>> > off. Samba was trying to network a printer that hadn't been
>>> > configured correctly for the system. The cart before the horse, so
>>> > to speak. You can rip out Samba, after saving config files if you
>>> > need it or rip it out for good if you don't need it. One less thing
>>> > in the way.
>>> I'll give that a spin. Thanks.
>> Let us know how it works. I later re-installed Samba on her machine and
>> it picked up on the local printer it found and configured it for use
>> easily. I guess it needs to be configured locally before the install of
>> samba. It would be interesting if this was indeed the case. Good Luck!
>> Ric
> my samsung ML-1610 works out of the box in jaunty, it got recognized
> right away and auto-configured while installing jaunty alpha-3 or 4,
> cant remember from an alternate CD. and in all previous versions, using
> http://localhost:631 always opens up a CUSP page, and the printer can
> always be found by the detect new printer functionality, which
> configures the printer way easier than add a new printer. and yes, my
> printer is USB as well.
> can you make sure the printer is detected by the system? i'm no lspci or
> lsusb or whatever expert, but kinfocenter/USB should point you in the
> right direction if the printer is seen or not.

Good call. Hadn't thought to use kinfocenter. And yes, it can be seen.


Manufacturer: Canon
Serial No.: 10CA72

((Defined at Interface level))


USB Version

Vendor ID
(Canon, Inc.)
Product ID


480 Mbit/s


Max. Packet Size

Well, that's progress of a sort. Thanks.


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