Reporting Bugs on Kubuntu

Clay Weber claydoh at
Sun May 10 22:45:08 BST 2009

On Sunday 10 May 2009 4:59:49 pm Bruce Marshall wrote:
> How??
> I was just at   and could see no way of specifying a bug
> against  Kubuntu/KDE4.
> Would like to report a keyboard config problem.

I would use xserver-xorg-input-keyboard as the package to file a bug against.

There really isn't a desktop-specific choice in Launchpad, which  does make it 
confusing as to what you need to choose. Choosing Ubuntu or Linux is also a 
choice. If /when bug triagers come across your report, they can re-assign it 
to the correct package if necessary, especially after asking for any extra 

Another thing to do to help Kubuntu triagers find Kubuntu-based bugs is to put 
"[Kubuntu]" in the bug report title. That way bug volunteers can search more 

Clay Weber

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