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Rick Knight rick_knight at rlknight.com
Sat May 9 02:48:56 BST 2009

Rick Knight wrote:
> Pyotr Kropotkin wrote:
>>> When I type in apt-get install quicktime, I get a "couldn't find
>>> package" response.  What is the Linux equivalent?
>> You'll want to install either the totem-mozilla or the mozilla-mplayer
>> package - either one should provide the plugin you need. Your friendly
>> neighborhood package manager (synaptic, aptitude, etc.) should do the
>> trick; for example, to install using aptitude you'll ned to open up a
>> terminal and type
>>     sudo aptitude install totem-mozilla
>> to install the totem-mozilla plugin and its dependencies.
>> I've had mixed success playing MP4/M4V files with the codecs available
>> on a vanilla *buntu system. I would suggest also installing the
>> non-free-codecs provided by the Medibuntu project. You can find
>> instructions about how to do so here:
>>     https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu
>> Doing so will also ensure you have functional installations of Flash,
>> Java, etc.
>> Hope this helps!
>>                                                     - Pyotr
>>                                                         pyotr at riseup.net
> OK, I tried this on my pretty fresh install of 8.04. I have the 
> mddibuntu sources in apt and I already had mplayer installed. Using 
> apt-get I installed mozilla-mplayer and everything it suggested. When I 
> try tol isten to a podcast on www.cnn.com, I get message stating that an 
> additional plugin is required. When I try to install the plugin, one 
> can't be found. It's looking for an "audio/mplayer" plugin. When I click 
> the link to install manually I'm re-directed to the Apple QuickTime 
> page. Is there a linux equivalent for this plugin?
> Thanks,
> Rick
Nevermind, I restarted Firefox and now it works.


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