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Sun May 10 02:15:02 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-05-09 at 13:22 -0400, Steven Vollom wrote:
>  Thanks for the help; if you see any holes in my understanding, 
> please reply with a warning, so I avoid losing data.

I'd sure be doing SOMETHING different, like leaving the /media folder
alone. There's all sorts of places to put stuff rather that a directory
where devices auto-mount. It is not an entertainment file/content
directory, as you keep thinking and as I have repeatably kept telling
you it's not. 

The -computer- and Linux OS uses that directory, it was not meant for
man to use it. While you can do anything you please, put stuff in places
where no one has gone before, why dink with it as you're not at a
proficiency level to do so?? 

Now, check this. I just typed ls -la to my /media directory
In there I have a file named "cdrom" which is link to the directory
A locate on cdrom does not show the file /media/cdrom nor does locate
find the directory cdrom0
So, I touched a file named "ric" in /media, ran updatedb and a locate
does not find it either. 

ERGO, I'm guessing the damn computer knows better than to look there, as
>>nothing lasting should be there<< Leave it alone to do what it's
supposed to do. Or, dink with the locate utility to make it bend to your
will, so you can keep on doing what you want to do. Locate evidently
doesn't waste it's time scouting around /media nor it's sub
directories, please don't waste ours. Use /opt ...It's whole
purpose is to safely do strange things there.  

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