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Fri May 8 23:04:31 UTC 2009

On Friday 08 May 2009 03:52:27 pm marc wrote:
> Paul S said:
> > Donn said the following on 05/08/2009 02:00 PM:
> >> If it's on your dekstop... then there it is. No?
> >
> > Remember in kde4, everything on the old desktop is now in a desktop
> > folder.  Maybe you need to look in it.
> Actually, reading that, you are quite right, and I hadn't thought until
> now how silly the idea is in reality.
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> Best,
> Marc
Earlier, perhaps a month or more, I couldn't get stored info into my 
appropriate partition.  I wanted to keep the data from entering the boot 
partition, because of the small size of the boot partition, 20gb.  I pasted my 
/home/ steven folder that contained what I wanted in the storage partition 
into /media/disk-1, a large partition outside the Operating System partition.  
Afterward the stored items were in a partition large enough to hold them.  
Nonetheless, when I open Dolphin, it contains /home/steven on the boot 
partition.  Anytime I download a movie, it would save to the 
/CompletedDownloaded folder on the /boot drive, which would fill the partition 
up quite fast.  So, I cut the /home/steven, and pasted it into the 
/media/disk-1/partition.  Now all that data is saved to a partition large 
enough to hold it.  Then I put a Quick Access widget on the panel with the 
address to the /media/disk-1/steven so that I could easily obtain access to 
all the data in that partition.

It is a work-around that has worked, but I would like to not have to move data 
so much.  Don't really know how to post a question to correct this; it is so 
confusing, nonetheless, whenever I have downloaded torrent files since the 
attempted reconfiguration, I have had to hunt for them.  Now I can not find 

Recently I tried to create an address that would skip the cut and paste step.  
When I tried that, I could no longer find where the downloaded torrents went.  
I removed the folders that collected the data on the wrong partition.  It was 
an attempt to force the computer to look for the folders of same name on the 
partition I wanted the data saved.  That did not work either.

Earlier today, I downloaded a half dozen torrents, which are located in a 
window on my desktop.  I have tried everything I know to find where they are 
actually downloaded to, so that I could click on them and have them open in 

I can't understand why using find or locate cannot search the system and find 
files with the name requested.  Since I still have the downloaded torrents in a 
box on the desktop, why don't they show up on a 'find' or a 'locate'?  If ever 
I can figure out how this works, it will be so much easier to use Kubuntu.

It will amaze me if anyone understands my problem; I have been trying to figure 
out how to ask a question that could be understood.  Perhaps, if someone who 
is willing could ask me specific questions where the answers would direct them 
to the understanding, that would work.  I know precisely what I want to do, 
but my logic is defective when attempting a solution.  My work-arounds are 
unconventional; they work, but probably screw up the normal order of things.  
And this particular problem has been with me since I first installed a Linux 
OS.  Thanks for anyone willing to try.


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