Random freezes in Kubuntu

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Thu May 7 19:46:07 UTC 2009

Eric Marquez said:

Please switch off HTML. Because...

<html><head><style type="text/css"><!-- DIV {margin:0px;}
--></style></head><body><div style="font-family:arial, helvetica,
sans-serif;font-size:10pt"><DIV></DIV> <DIV>Hello. This is my
first message in this list. </DIV> <DIV>I've posted my problem in
many forums, but so far nobody has given me a solution to my problem. I'm
really desperate.</DIV> <DIV>My computer randomly gets freezed since I
upgraded to KDE4. I mean totally freezed. Nothing works: mouse,
keyboard... nothing. More strangely: after a few minutes (sometimes
could be 5, sometimes 10, or more...), it comes back to life. And
after it returns, the computer clock has been delayed for the amount
of time it was "freezed". </DIV> <DIV> It all began when I started
using KDE4. I NEVER had this problem with KDE3. I used kde3 with kubuntu
6.06. I started using kde4 with 8.04 and that's when my problem
began. Recently I fresh-installed Jaunty, which is my current
distro.</DIV> <DIV> It could happen only once a day, or it could
happen 20 times a day... it's totally random.</DIV>
<DIV> There's no special application that I'm running when it
happens. I could be just surfing the net with firefox, or I could be
just using the console. Somebody advised me to put the "top" command on
screen to see if there's any special process consuming 100% of the
cpu. But there's nothing special there. Sometimes when it happens,
the fan coolers work harder, as if some application would be consuming a
lot, but I don't see nothing in "top". </DIV> <DIV> I have suspected
of some failure in my hard drives, but others tell me to
suspect of another hardware failure, like video.</DIV> <DIV> I
already ran a fdisk test (from a live cd). Found no badblocks.</DIV>
<DIV> This is my configuration:</DIV> <DIV> Pentium 4, 3ghz; 2GM
Ram; Nvidia geforce 7300gt (with latest drivers); SBLive 5.1 soundcard.
Now, I have a DUAL BOOT configuration (WinXP/Kubuntu) with 2 hard drives:
1 SATA 80GB for windows and 1 IDE 30GB for kubuntu. This was my same
configuration when I had kde3, and never had problems with it.</DIV>
<DIV> I have 1.2gb for swap memory, but for some reason, always "0"
is used. </DIV> <DIV> </DIV>
<DIV> I've told this story so many times.... nobody has been able
to give me a solution. There should be at least some way to
DIAGNOSE the problem. Maybe not solve it, but to diagnose it, in order to
know the source of the problem. Maybe some log, some test.</DIV>
<DIV> Guys, I'd really appreciate your insights on this. I don't want
to abandon kubuntu, but I'm running out of options.<BR> </DIV> <P>
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rel=nofollow>http://eamner.hispasonicos.com</A>> </DIV> <P>
src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v624/eamner/ev.gif"> </DIV></
<DIV style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: arial, helvetica, sans-serif">
<DIV style="FONT-SIZE: 13px; FONT-FAMILY: arial, helvetica,
sans-serif"> </DIV></DIV></div><br>

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