fglrx and KDE

Antonio Augusto (Mancha) mkhaos7 at gmail.com
Thu May 7 13:53:18 UTC 2009

Hey Wolfgan,

On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 10:42, Wolfgang Jeltsch
<4cqncnl7 at acme.softbase.org> wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2009 15:03 schrieb clay weber:
>> Wolfgang Jeltsch wrote:
>> > Hello,
>> >
>> > I use Kubuntu Jaunty with the open source radeon driver. My graphics chip
>> > is (most likely) an RS480.
>> >
>> > KDE’s desktop effects aren’t smooth with this setup. However, desktop
>> > effects worked quite well when I used Ubuntu Intrepid with Compiz Fusion
>> > and the proprietary fglrx driver. I’ve heard that 3D performance is
>> > better with the fglrx driver. So I wonder if the performance problems
>> > have to do with KDE or with the open source driver. Has anyone
>> > experiences with KDE vs. GNOME/Compiz Fusion and radeon vs. fglrx?
>> >
>> > Furthermore, I’ve heard that X.org 1.6 won’t come with an fglrx driver
>> > that works with older chips (like, e.g, my RS480). Is this true?
>> >
>> > Best wishes,
>> > Wolfgang
>> The older versions of fglrx do not work with Xorg 1.6. There is a
>> compatible fglrx driver available from the repos, I am using it with my
>> Radeon HD 3200. But that driver does not support some (not very) older
>> cards anymore.
>> If your card is not supported by the new fglrx driver, you can read here
>> for some info on the ati/radeon driver:
>> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver
>> Specifically the links at the bottom have some good info for xorg tweaks
>> for the closed source driver.
>> Clay Weber
> Hello,
> thank you for your info.
> The page, you mentioned, says: “This driver is not as fast as the
> closed-source, proprietary "fglrx" driver from AMD/ATI Inc.” This is, of
> course, not very specific. Are there any benchmarks? Should the open source
> driver be okay for desktop effects or is it likely that it won’t even be able
> to make desktop effects smooth?

I've an RS482 (Radeon XPress 200M), and with Jaunty everything works
fine with KDE 4.2 and Jaunty.
I've effects anabled and I see no slowdown at all (just some increase
in memory usage, but this is expected).

Also, I've nothing set on my xorg.conf, Xorg automatically detects the
optmial settings for me :)
Also, the page you have been pointed too might be a little outdated,
to see all the current supported options take a look at the manual
page of radeon (man radeon).

Hope this helps.

> Regarding the “Tweaking The Driver” section: The EnablePageFlip option should
> cause a speedup but only works with XAA. However, switching from XAA to EXA
> also speeds things up. What is usually faster: XAA + EnablePageFlip or EXA?
> If I understand the section correctly, option TripleBuffer only helps when
> playing videos, so it doesn’t help speeding up pure desktop effects. Is this
> true?
> I’ve also already seen pages which suggest to use certain undocumented
> options. Is there some documentation about these undocumented options
> (actually a contradiction in itself :-( ) somewhere on the web? Is there a
> more comprehensive howto about speeding up desktop effects etc.?
> Best wishes,
> Wolfgang

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