codec for .wmv with audio v3

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Mon May 4 21:00:03 UTC 2009

> I download a ton of wmv files...and honestly, I have never had one without
> sound. I can't seem to figure out how to loop through all of the wmv files
> in a dir and get the audio info on it...mplayer -identify in a for loop
> wouldn't play nice and xine has no listed option...Anyone know of a method
> in a for loop?

I have never had trouble playing a .wmv, unless it was a movie download, then 
they never seem to work.  It is disappointing, because it appears like a new 
method of encrypting the .wmv's when they are movies.  If you are having 
trouble with movies, then it is the same with me.  If you are having not 
having trouble with other .wmv's then there is a difference in the files, when 
they are movies, I suspect.  In any event, it is annoying, so I just don't 
download .wmv's when they are movie files.  As movies, I have never been able 
to play them.  All other times, they work fine.  If you think you understand 
what I said, then reply and tell me if the ones that don't work for you are 
movie files.  If they are, I think there is something uniquely different about 
movie.wmv's.  I too am interested if you want to consider the chat.


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