Dcop - getting background image (Jaunty)

Johnny Ernst Nielsen j_e_n_pub at yahoo.dk
Mon May 4 18:33:30 UTC 2009

mandag den 4. Maj 2009 kvad Michael Satterwhite:
> Under KDE 3, it was easy to determine what image in a slideshow was
> current by the command
> 	dcop kdesktop KBackgroundIface currentWallpaper
> This doesn't work under KDE4 and Jaunty - I'm guessing because
> kdesktop has been replaced by plasma. This brings up two questions:
> First, does anyone know the command that would replace the old one?
> Second - and more important - I've been searching for some
> documentation on this type of change so I can fix things without
> having to constantly ask. Could you point me at some relevant
> documentation?
> Thanks in advance
> ---Michael

Greetings Michael,

dcop has been replaced by dbus.

On the command line the qdbus command is the equivalent to the dcop 

I think that freedesktop.org may be the place to find documentation on 

That's all I know for now.

Best regards :o)

Johnny :o)

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