jaunty: no BBC sound

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Mon May 4 17:57:10 UTC 2009

Eberhard Roloff said the following at 05/04/2009 11:04 AM :
> D. R. Evans wrote:
>> In intrepid I could listen to BBC radio stations just fine. In jaunty I get
>> no sound at all from them.
>> I can hear notifications fine. Also, amarok works. But when I try to play a
>> stream from the BBC (e.g.,
>> http://www.bbc.co.uk/london/realmedia/sport_live/sportlive_slot4.ram) all I
>> get is silence.
>> I've tried this in FF and in Konqueror; both behave the same way. The
>> player window strongly suggests that the audio protocol is OK -- I appear
>> to be receiving the stream properly; it's just not playing.
> works great here on jaunty kubuntu (32bit) Firefox. Do you happen to 
> have the Windows Media Player Plugin installed?


1. Why would I need the windows media player plugin to listen to a Real stream?

2. Which package contains that plugin (I couldn't find it)? I'll gladly try
it (if it's not installed already; I haven't installed/uninstalled any
different plugins than I had in intrepid; maybe I already have it installed)


PS FWIW, I'm running 64-bit. That may or may not make a difference (usually
I'm confident that it doesn't, but browser plugins seem to be the one place
where it often seems to matter).

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