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Goh Lip gohlip at
Sun May 3 23:52:36 UTC 2009

> Goh Lip wrote:
> > I noticed that some messages from the same list, are queries and
> > replies to that  same queries. How do you do that?
> >
> > I have to wait for the list to be completed, sent to me and then only
> > then can I respond.
> I suppose you get the digest of the list. If you change your settings to
> the normal mode you receive every single mail when it is sent (well
> usually there is a delay of several minutes).
> > It is also a chore changing the subject, scrolling through the
> > messages to quote, deleting a long portion of unrelated messages
> > before sending off.
> That's another disadvantage of the digest mode - you can't reply to the
> correct thread because the appropriate headers are missing. If you
> change the subject some mail clients may sort your mail to the correct
> thread but not necessarily after the correct message.
> > I am using a web based email program, not popped or imapped to a mail
> > program; does that affect it? Maybe I am not savvy enough? Any
> > suggestions?
> That depends on your web mail program, some seem to work. But as long as
> you use digest mode your options are limited.
> Nils

(sheepish) Thanks. Went to that page before. Thought it is only for unsubscribing. (sheepish)

Now I am waiting for the reminder to my password.(sheepish)
Must have subscribed years ago; all my usual passwords didn't work.(sheepish)

Meh meh meh

Goh Lip

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