How do I set my local static IP address in Kubuntu 9.04

thudfoo at thudfoo at
Sun May 3 19:16:46 UTC 2009

Glen Cunningham wrote:

> G'day Ian,
> On Monday 04 May 2009 03:06, Ian L. Target wrote:
>> Bruce Marshall wrote:
>> > On Sunday 03 May 2009, Brian Norman Wootton wrote:
>> > > Good question!  I have router that my computer, printer and
>> > > flatmate's computer is plugged into.  If the printer is turned
>> > > off, it doesn't always get the same last digit when it gets
>> > > turned back on.
>> >
>> > Set up your router to hand out an address based on the printers MAC
>> > address. Should always be the same that way.
>> I didn't know this was available.  I looked at my router's settings,
>> a WGR614 v9, but nothing jumped out at me.  I'll look do some
>> googling and look some more, but I may ask for your assistance later
>> if I can't figure it out.
> Page 4.3 of the WGR614v9 User manual covers this under the slightly
> obfuscated heading "Using Address Reservation".
> Now, back to the OP's question.... setting "proper" static addresses
> in 9.04 is not easy unless you use the alternate/manual install method
> and then it is NOT obvious - in the network setup part of the install,
> after the automatic dhcp config has succeeded (or failed), just click
> the [Back] button and select the appropriate option.  Well hidden and
> not well documented.
> Glen

Thanks, Glen, but the install is history. I configured by
modifying /etc/network/interfaces, adding a static interface for eth0. Then
I used ifup to bring it up. Now I can connect to another machine but it
cannot connect to the Kubuntu 9.04 machine, but can ping it: Connection

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