Kate Problems and Questions

Jack Trades pointlessprogramming at gmail.com
Sat May 2 18:45:34 BST 2009

I have an issue with Kate.  Images, text, widgets or desktop background show
through randomly when scrolling the text area or switching windows.  I can't
reproduce it reliably but it happens all the time.  Screenshots are provided
in the link below.

I'd like to file a bug report with Kate but I don't know which version I'm
running.  Kate's about window gives me 3.2.2 but Synaptic gives me 4.2.2.  I
think the Synaptic version is correct, but if it is not where can I find the
latest Kate packages?  Screenshots of the version number differences are at
the bottom of the linked page.


Thanks in advance for the help,
Jack Trades
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