Jaunty Musings

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Fri May 1 22:16:52 BST 2009

Bruce Marshall said:

> On Friday 01 May 2009, Ian L. Target wrote:
>> OK, I am a little confused.  Are you saying that if I want to use KDE
>> that I am now stuck with this plasma stuff?
> Yup....   which is why many people are switching to XFCE.  I load up
> kubuntu and then load up XFCE.    Thus I get all the KDE apps I want
> (but no plasmoids whatever they are) and a simple, low-overhead desktop.

Though you do suffer the overhead of having to load the kde libs, which 
can slow things down for a while after logging in; it's very noticeable 
on a laptop.

XFCE is quite gnome like, so gnome is also an option; at least it doesn't 
have the plasmoids overhead. The lack of control in gnome is a pain, but 
as long as I have my kde apps, then it's bearable.

> Maybe someday I'll get back to  KDE.

It's tough going, eh?


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