Derek Broughton derek at
Fri May 1 19:44:19 UTC 2009

GreyGeek wrote:

>>>> Derek Broughton wrote:
>>>>>> But synaptic is a _bigger_ waste, as it pulls in so much of Gnome... 
>>>>>> :-)
>>>> At least Synaptic works. More than can be said for Kpackagekit.
>> But it doesn't work _well_.  I've never found synaptic useful, and I have
>> actually used it on and off ever since it was first introduced (I just
>> deleted it off my system again, this morning).
> Your statement is so common on forums these days. 

First, of all, I don't do "forums"...

> Some people assume
> that their experience, regardless of its cause, reflects *everyone's*
> experience, so the software "must" be bad for everyone.

You just drop in here and think you can teach your grandmother ...

My experience with Synaptic (mediocre, at best) is backed by a large amount 
of feedback from users over the last 10+ years.  But then again, I didn't 
say it was "bad", I called it a waste of space (on a KDE system) and said 
that it didn't work "well" - as in, it is still too hard to do things that 
should be trivial, and the UI is weak.

> BTW,  I don't have a problem with KPackageKit, I just prefer the way
> Synaptic looks, feels and works.  That it brings in some GNOME utilities
> in order to do its job is of no concern to me.   Both the GNOME and KDE
> developers are working together to assure the interoperability of their
> respective desktops. 

Where do you get that idea?  Gnome and KDE developers will work together 
when hell freezes over.

> Who knows?  Sometime in the future a common
> desktop may appear which uses a single set of utilities and

LOL.  We've _had_ common desktops - nobody wants them.  They're so ... 

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