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Bruce Marshall bmarsh at bmarsh.com
Fri May 1 22:19:02 UTC 2009

On Friday 01 May 2009, Ian L. Target wrote:
> > Yup.... which is why many people are switching to XFCE. I load up
> > kubuntu and then load up XFCE. Thus I get all the KDE apps I want (but
> > no plasmoids whatever they are) and a simple, low-overhead desktop.
> >
> >
> > Maybe someday I'll get back to KDE.
> Didn't Clay's message (this thread, a couple of messages back) work for
> you?

Uhhh   I wasn't the one with the problem.   I switched to XFCE about 4 months 
ago...    When I first tried Intrepid.   Very happy with XFCE  (and I wouldn't 
want to force KDE4 on my wife.   that's a non-starter!)

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